Route of the Dursley Branch Line
After curving away southwards from the Gloucester to Bristol main line the route of the Dursley branch essentially followed that of the River Cam through the valley. It crossed the river at Draycott and passed the cloth mills before reaching Cam Station. From Cam the line ran alongside the road at Everlands and crossed the Cam to Kingshill Road at Littlecombe. After that it entered the vast Lister's site before terminating at Dursley Station at the lower end of Long Street.
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This route map is taken from Sheet 103 (Stroud and Chepstow) of the 1919 Ordnance Survey "Popular Edition"
1" to 1 mile map which was revised and reprinted in 1933.
Approx. distance from Coaley Junction
  Coaley Junction Station
0.11 miles
  Bridge over River Cam, Draycott
0.48 miles

Cam Station

1.23 miles
  Cam Everlands (Gallows Bridge)
1.57 miles
  Littlecombe (Quag) Bridge
1.7 miles
  Dursley Station
2.38 miles