The Route between Coaley Junction and Cam Station

From Coaley Junction Station the line curved away to the south, crossing Coaley Road (now Box Road) at a level crossing. It then ran between hedges and over the River Cam via a bridge. This bridge was originally of timber construction but was replaced by a concrete one in 1948 which is still in existence at the rear of the Draycott Business Park in Cam. A short distance from the southern side of the bridge, two sidings, used for grain traffic, diverged from the line to serve Draycott Mill and Middle Mill. Continuing from this point the line ran reasonably straight until it entered Lower Cam, reaching Cam Station.

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    Branch line near Coaley Junction
Rounding the sharp curve as it leaves Coaley Junction station, engine 46527 approaches the Box Road crossing as it makes its way towards Dursley.
(September 1st 1962 - copyright Ben Ashworth)
    River Cam Bridge at Draycott
The open nature of the surrounding landscape compared with today's scene is evident as engine 46526 propels the late morning goods train towards Cam across the river bridge at Draycott. The passenger coach is returning empty in readiness for the 4:15pm departure from Dursley.
(August 31st 1962 - copyright Ben Ashworth)
    Crossing the River Cam
Engine D6342 crosses the concrete bridge over the River Cam with a light train to Dursley goods yard.
(June 28th 1968 - copyright Terry Bruton)
    Mill territory near Draycott
Engine 78004 makes its way towards Cam passing the tower of Workman's flour mill at Draycott in the background. This mill had its own siding as did Daniels paper mill (Middle Mill) in the foreground.
(August 31st 1965 - copyright Ben Ashworth)
    In the open countryside near Cam Station
Facing south towards Cam and viewed from the opposite side of the line to Daniels paper mill, engine 78004 continues on its way towards Cam Station. The clock tower of Hunt & Winterbotham's milll can be seen in the background.
(August 31st 1965 - copyright Ben Ashworth)