The Route between Cam Station and Dursley Station

Beyond Cam Station stood the cloth mill of Hunt & Winterbotham which was served by a short siding running parallel with the main line. The mill itself survives in 2003 as Cam Mill, part of the Milliken Group. After passing the mill, the line followed the river in the bottom of the valley and also for a good part ran alongside the road at Everlands which was developed between the two world wars. A footbridge, known as Gallows Bridge and used frequently as a photographic platform, crossed it in this section. From here the line climbed on to a low embankment and crossed Church Road via the wooden Quag Bridge, a survivor from 1856. After this it passed the Dursley gas works and entered the grounds of R.A.Lister where a number of sidings diverged to serve the works. Finally at the far end of the Lister's site and hemmed in on all sides by factory buildings it reached Dursley Station.

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    Goods train at Cam Everlands
Engine 78001 makes its way towards Dursley along the section of track that ran next to the road at Everlands. This shot was taken from the footbridge, known locally as Gallows bridge, which is still in existence today.
(June 30th 1965 - copyright Bill Potter)
    Final days at Cam Everlands
D6342, the final BR engine to work the line, pulls its goods train towards Dursley. Note the openness of the line compared with today's overgrown appearance and the proximity to the road.
(June 28th 1968 - copyright Terry Bruton)
    DMU to Dursley
A Diesel Multiple Unit special train makes its way along the line close to Everlands in the penultimate year of the branch's life.
(March 23rd 1969 - copyright Derek Markey)
    Original Gallows Bridge
The old wooden Gallows bridge pictured during a snowy winter in the early 1920s. The bridge was eventually replaced with a new metal structure in 1955. This bridge was situated on the stretch of line running alongside Everlands. The newer bridge is a surprising survivor in 2012.
(c1915-20 - copyright Ben Ashworth)
    Replacement Gallows Bridge
The replacement steel footbridge alongside Everlands Road in Cam provides a frame for engine 46526.
(c1962 - copyright Ben Ashworth)
    Quag Bridge
This bridge, known officially as Littlecombe Bridge, existed from the line's opening in 1856 right through until it closed in 1970. It was situated at the junction of Kingshill Lane and Church Road in Cam.
(1942 - courtesy Bill Turner)
    Competing for Passengers
A great period picture of Quag Bridge which demonstrates what an obstruction it was to road traffic. Small wonder that after it was damaged in 1970, little time was wasted in demolishing it, resulting in the line's final closure. In this view, engine 46526 makes its way across with one of the last passenger workings.
(August 4th 1962 - copyright Bill Potter)
    Quag Bridge, Cam
Engine 46526 crosses Quag bridge with the afternoon goods train for Coaley Junction. The former Bennetts Mill is on the right.
(August 31st 1962 - copyright Ben Ashworth)
    Passenger train from Dursley crosses Quag Bridge
This view clearly shows the road junction at Quag Bridge. In the foreground is Everlands Road and this continues past the bridge into Kingshill Lane. Engine 46526 crosses the bridge with the 4.15pm from Dursley.
(August 31st 1962 - copyright Ben Ashworth)
    Freight over Quag Bridge
One of the final freight workings to travel over the line, crosses Quag Bridge towards Coaley.
(February 18th 1970 - copyright Derek Markey)