Dursley Fire Brigade

Since its earliest days, Dursley has seen its fair share of personnel do their turn of duty in the town's Fire Brigade. The formation of the first "Dursley Parish Council Fire Brigade" was approved at a Town Meeting held in September 1873 which then started up under the captaincy of Mr. Priestly. By 1907 there was an establishment of fourteen firemen directed by Captain William E. Talboys. Three generations of the Talboys family served successively in the Dursley Brigade between 1867 and 1941.

After World War II, the National Fire Service continued for a few years but control was eventually returned to local authorities and Dursley became Station 23 in the new Gloucestershire Fire Service. At this time the First Officer-in-charge was Sub Officer Len Frost. In 1973, Basil Allen became the Officer-In-Charge.

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    Opening Ceremony Parade
Dursley Fire Brigade on parade at the opening of Dursley's Castle Street Fire Station.
(July 10th 1965 - courtesy Ian Wilkins)
    Dursley Brigade in NFS days
Dursley National Fire Service personnel. During this time Dursley Fire Station was allocated the number 39 CX in the Stroud sub-area of the N.F.S.
(c1944 - courtesy Ian Wilkins)
    Wartime Dursley Brigade
Dursley firefighters assemble in dress uniform next to the old Regal cinema with their wartime equipment, Dodge Mobile Dam Unit on the left and Austin K2 Auxiliary Towing Vehicle on the right. (See also the same group wearing their tin-helmets).
(c1944 - courtesy Ian Wilkins)
    Wartime equipment inspection
Inspection of some of the equipment of the Dursley Brigade of the wartime National Fire Service, probably on the Recreation Ground.
(1939 - courtesy David Evans)
    Station 10, Dursley Brigade
Back Row, Left-Right - Fm. Portlock, Fm. Ponting, Fm. Ball, Fm. Hall, Fm. Porter, Fm. Wannell.
Front Row, Left-Right - L\Fm. Jones.C, L\Fm. Carter, Stn\O. Allen, Sub\O. Frost, L\Fm. Wilkins.
(October 1986 - courtesy Ian Wilkins)
    Hose practice
Framed by the station's Leyland/Carmichael engine, four members of the Brigade demonstrate use of the hose.
(c1994 - courtesy Ian Wilkins)
    Helmet Display!
Dursley Firefighter Ian Wilkins with a fine collection of Brigade helmets.
(c1990s - courtesy Ian Wilkins)
    Fire Service memorabilia
Ian Wilkins again with another great display of memorabilia at Dursley Fire Station.
(c1990s - courtesy Ian Wilkins)
    Fire at Bymacks
Firefighters attend one of the numerous fires at the old Bymacks factory after the company vacated the site. This particular one saw the roof collapse.
(June 20th 2003)
    Incident at the HSBC Bank
Dursley firefighters attend an incident at the HSBC Bank which required the use of breathing apparatus after a failed raid caused the building to fill with fumes.
(February 22nd 2003)