Dursley Fire Station

Since the beginning of the 19th Century Dursley Fire Station has been situated at a number of locations around the town, some more convenient than others. In the early days it is believed to have been situated on the site of Dursley Almshouses near the Parish Church. In 1907 it was in Silver Street but at some time must have moved to a location behind "The Hollies" in Parsonage Street where it stayed until the 1920's when it again relocated to a site at the bottom of Long Street. It must have been a fair effort just to climb up into town!

1939 saw fire cover for the town provided by the R.A. Lister company, an arrangement which lasted until 1942 when it became impossible to maintain. Around this time, when the National Fire Service was formed, new premises were found in Bull Pitch, which remained the town's Fire station until April 1st 1965 when the brand new purpose designed building was opened in Castle Street. This station still remains the focus of Dursley's fire-fighting activities in 2003 although with talk of a new supermarket there are discussions already taking place with regard to relocating to Kingshill Road, at the junction with Kingshill Lane (Gasworks Pitch).

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    Bull Pitch Fire Station
Dursley Fire Brigade outside the station in Bull Pitch. Standing in front of their Commer engine (UDF 890) are from left to right - Oscar Stanley, Charles Burnham, E.Pullen, Fred Arthurs, Len Frost, Tony Frost, Basil Allen, Ken Harnden, Bert Webb, Gerald Pekala, Doc Billett, L.Frost, M.Bowen.
(1964 - courtesy Cam & Dursley Camera Club)
    Building Site for the Castle Street Fire Station
Looking towards Castle Street and the town centre, this view shows the site for the new Fire Station prior to levelling and preparation. The site had been used as a controlled tip and had to be made up in places with up to 12ft of fill.
(August 13th 1963 - courtesy Ian Wilkins)
    Site Preparation, Castle Street Fire Station
With The Knapp and what is now the Technical College on the left, the Fire Station site looks ready to start building on. Construction of the retaining wall and the Drill Tower necessitated the uise of bored piles.
(October 26th 1963 - courtesy Ian Wilkins)
    Castle Street Fire Station construction
The first bricks start to go up in the construction of the new Fire Station. The building was constructed in red facing bricks with aluminium panels. Houses on The Knapp can be seen in the background.
(1964 - courtesy Cam & Dursley Camera Club)
    Castle Street Fire Station takes shape
The door frames of the Fire Station are up in this view taken from Castle Street.
(c1964 - courtesy Ian Wilkins)
    Construction of the Drill Tower
The main buildings look essentially complete and work progresses on the framework of the drill tower. The tower was built with working platforms at four levels and provision for hanging hose, a single storey smoke stack and heat chamber and an underground water storage tank of 3000 gallons capacity.
(c1965 - courtesy Ian Wilkins)
    Awaiting opening
Shortly before opening of the Castle Street Fire Station, it only remains to clear up the site before its useful lifetime begins.
(1965 - copyright Bill Turner)
    Castle Street Fire Station Opening Ceremony
The Dursley Brigade actually moved from Bull Pitch on April 1st 1965 and it was three months before the official opening ceremony. After the speeches were over, demonstration drills were carried out by personnel from Dursley, Cheltenham, Stroud and Nailsworth.
(July 10th 1965 - courtesy Ian Wilkins)
    Early days at Dursley Castle Street Fire Station
At a pristine Castle Street Fire Station, the station's two Commer engines await active duty.
(c1968 - courtesy Ian Wilkins)
    Drill Tower practice in Dursley
Drill tower practice in Dursley, probably as part of a demonstration to the public, judging by the spectators. The 45ft (13.5m) Lacon ladder being used comes from the station's second Commer engine, DAD717G, standing alongside.
(c1968 - courtesy Ian Wilkins)
    Dursley Castle Street Fire Station 2003
With its recently repainted front doors, the Fire Station takes on a smart appearance on a bright spring morning.
(May 4th 2003)
    Dursley Festival 2003 - hose demonstration
Saturday, August 23rd 2003 saw the doors of the Fire Station opened to the public between 10am and 2pm. The drill practice proved very popular with the visitors.
(August 23rd 2003)