Jubilees at Mawdsley's Ltd

Two important years in Mawdsley's lifetime were marked by Jubilee celebrations at the Dursley site, these being the Golden Jubilee in 1957 and the company's 70th anniversary, coinciding with the Queen's Silver Jubilee in 1977. The year of the company's Silver Jubilee in 1932 was in the height of the depression and probably not celebrated with any gusto.

1957 was a somewhat formal occasion, marked by large marquees being set up in the grounds and speeches being given by Directors and invited guests alike. Tours of the works were given to view the workings of the factory and to examine the products, both old and new. Awards were also given to long-service employees and trophies presented. This year was also significant in that it marked the completion of Phase II of the reorganisation and rebuilding of the armature shop.

1977 was a grander affair, when the gates of the factory were thrown open to all employees, families and friends. Despite pouring rain, over 2000 visitors toured the works, viewed product displays and audio-visual films of the products in use. Other attractions included the 1925 "Lord Nelson" fairground traction engine (equipped with Mawdsley's generator), the Stinchcombe Silver Band, children's roundabouts and skittles. All-in-all, a good day was had by all!

A copy of the 1977 Open Day brochure is available for download in PDF format.

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    Mr. Thomas toasts the success of Mawdsley's
In the special marquee set up for the occasion of Mawdsley's Golden Jubilee in 1957, Mr. Thomas makes a toast to the success of the company.
(1957 - courtesy Richard Mellerup)
    Lord Gridley replies to the toast
Invited VIP, returns the compliment and replies to Mr. Thomas' toast.
(1957 - courtesy Richard Mellerup)
    Mr. A.W. Field makes a toast to the guests
General Manager, Mr. A.W. Field, proposes a toast to
the invited guests. Two years later, in 1959, Mr. A.W. Field was appointed Managing Director, the position he retained until his retirement in 1969. During his time he changed Mawdsley's from a Company engaged in the marine field to a competitive firm in the wider industrial marketplace.
(1957 - courtesy Richard Mellerup)
    W.M. Gooch, CBE, replies to the toast
W.M. Gooch, CBE, Deputy Director of Electrical Engineering for the Admiralty responds to the toast of Mr. A.W. Field.
(1957 - courtesy Richard Mellerup)
    Tour of inspection
On a tour of the works, from left to right, Mr. Gooch,
Mr. Giles, Mr. Field, Mr. Davis, Lord Gridley and Mr. Milligan.
(1957 - courtesy Richard Mellerup)
    Long Service employees
Mawdsley's long service employees join in the celebrations at the Golden Jubilee dinner in 1957.
(1957 - courtesy Richard Mellerup)
    Product display
Some of Mawdsley's products make an impressive line-up along with the trophies presented for the flower show.
(1957 - courtesy Richard Mellerup)
    Early 1894 model in display
One of the early products manufactured on the Mawdsley site, although prior to the company's formation, an overtype D.C. dynamo rated at 200V, 38A, and 1000 r.p.m.
(1957 - courtesy Richard Mellerup)