Dursley Police Station

Dursley's first purpose-built combined police station and court house was built in 1864 on the site of the old Lamb Inn next to the Market House. This however was a replacement for a lock-up which used to be situated in May Lane. The new building served the town well but unfortunately there was very little room between the two buildings and with the growing widespread use of the motor car in the twentieth century the area became very congested. The building was eventually demolished in 1959, just short of its century and a new police station was opened at Sandpits on the road out to Cam. It remains the police station for the area in 2014.

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    The old Police Station near the Market House
The narrowness of the passageway between the police station and the Market House is clearly visible in this picture. Shown here is the main entrance to the court rooms.
(1959 - courtesy Cam & Dursley Camera Club)
    Dursley Police Station on The Knapp
Viewed from along The Knapp, the large buildings of the police station is shown here with the Market House beyond.
(1959 - courtesy Cam & Dursley Camera Club)
    Police Station and Wilkes shop
The proximity of the old police station to Wilkes shop on the right is clearly visible in this view. Demolition of the two buildings has allowed for the wide entrance to Castle Street at this point but the lost of the former is to the detriment of the town's architecture.
(c1958 - copyright John Morris)
    Demolition of the Police Station gathers pace
The passers-by seem uninterested in the ongoing demolition of what had been a distinctive building within the town centre. Little remains of Dursley's first purpose-built police station.
(1959 - copyright John Shipton)
    Site of the old Police Station
A few years hence and the site of the police station and court rooms remains as an empty space. By this time the first section of Castle Street in the forground had been opened dividing The Knapp in two. In the background, on the right, the Cotswold Cafe is visible.
(1964 - courtesy Cam & Dursley Camera Club)
    Dursley Police Station, Sandpits
Since closure of the town centre station this building on Kingshill Road at Sandpits has been Dursley's Police Station.
(September 28th 2003)