R.A.Lister & Co. Early Advertising

R.A.Lister & Co. was like any other company when it started out and made extensive use of advertising to promote its range of products throughout the globe. The adverts make interesting viewing as a social reflection of the times. They also show off the extensive range of products made by the company including machinery for ploughing and harvesting, milking machines and dairy equipment, sheep shearing, lighting and generating sets, autotrucks, diesel and petrol engines and wooden garden furniture and ornaments. Quite a mixture. The adverts shown on this page are reproduced from early copies of the Gazette as well as from the house magazine, "The Lister Standard".

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    Lister-Lite Advert
This advertisement went out in the Australian marketplace emphasizing the fact that the Lister-Lite Plant would give just as much satisfaction there as it did in a "grand old stately home of England".
(The Lister Standard, September 1925 - courtesy Richard Buffrey)
    Farm Machinery Advert
By this date there were 100,000 "satisfied" users of Lister engines. The advert also outlines the advantages of Lister's lighting and power plants and their pumping sets.
(The Lister Standard, December 1925 - courtesy Richard Buffrey)
    Autotruck Advert
£125 bought you an autotruck which seemed to compare favourably with the £990 quoted as the cost of an equivalent elevating platform electric truck.
(The Lister Standard, March 1929 - courtesy Richard Buffrey)
    Cream Separator Advert
It seems that the doves were getting excited about the new cream separator!
(The Lister Standard, June 1929 - courtesy Richard Buffrey)
    Engine Advert
"Fighting Fit", "the best investment for the enterprising farmer", "There's nothing like a Lister".
(The Lister Standard, September 1930 - courtesy Richard Buffrey)
    Woodcraft Advert
What a souvenir, an ornament made from the teak of a famous old battleship!
(The Lister Standard, No.3 Vol X - courtesy Richard Buffrey)
    Lister Blackstone Advert
A wide range of agricultural machinery features in this advert from the end of the 1940's.
(The Lister Standard, Winter 1949/50 - courtesy Richard Buffrey)